Get to know more about the homes at Balsam Circle with answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please contact the sales team if you have a more specific question that isn’t addressed below.

The Basics

Where is Balsam Circle located?

GPS: 23 Carlisle Road, Westford. We’re just outside the intersection of Boston Road and Littleton Road (Route 110) and convenient to commuter routes, shopping, dining and many of the area’s amenities.  

How many homes are being built?

Balsam Circle will consist of 13 Single Family homes and 4 Duplex Townhouses. The Nancy J. Cook Senior Residences will be located adjacent to the neighborhood and will share outdoor amenities with Balsam Circle.  This brand new, seven unit garden-style apartment building will provide homes for local, income-restricted single senior citizens ages 62 and older.

How long will it take to build my home at Balsam Circle?

Construction is planned to begin in the spring of 2020. Phase One is expected to be completed in September/October of 2020.  Typically, it takes 6 months from the time a foundation is poured until final occupancy is approved.

What kind of choices can I make to customize my home?

You’ll have the opportunity to choose all of your cosmetic finishes from our wide range of selections. This will include interior and exterior colors, cabinetry, countertops, floor styles, fixture finishes and more. 

Multiple kitchen plans and upgrades are available for the Juniper and the Winterberry. You’ll also have the ability to enlarge your deck, finish the basement or add a screened porch or sunroom where space on the lot allows. 

Is there a Builder’s warranty?

Yes, there’s a one-year builder’s warranty.

Is water and sewer private or public?

Balsam Circle will share a common septic system.  Water will be provided by the Town of Westford. 

What are the utility connections and which utility companies support Balsam Circle?

Propane will be provided by a local service company and National Grid will supply the electricity.

Who are the internet providers?

Comcast/Xfinity and Verizon FIOS are available in Westford.  Clark Property Development is working to determine which service will be located in Balsam Circle.  Please note that dish satellites will not be allowed.

Reservation Information

How do I reserve a home?

A non-binding reservation agreement with a refundable $3,000 deposit is required for selecting and reserving a home at Balsam Circle.   

I have a home to sell, how does this work? 

We’d be happy to help you sell your current home. Our team can help you prepare your house for sale and manage the sales process to insure a seamless transition. We currently offer organizational services, complementary staging including furniture, professional marketing practices and more.  

Can I finance the purchase with a mortgage?

As this is new construction, we recommend you use a lender familiar with the process and who can offer an extended rate lock to protect your interest rate. If you need help understanding the ins and outs of new construction financing, please contact the sales staff and we’ll guide you through the process.

What are the estimated property taxes?

Westford’s Fiscal Year 2020 Tax Rate is $16.33 per $1,000 of valuation.   We advise homeowners to assume 100% assessment for their calculation of real estate property taxes.

Condominium Information

Is a Balsam Circle home a condominium?


Are the condominium documents available?

A working draft is in process and the final copy will be available soon. If you have specific questions not answered below, please reach out to the sales staff.

Will there be a Homeowner’s Association or an off-site management company?

There will be a professional management company handling the maintenance requirements and a Board of Trustees will oversee the Homeowner’s Association. 

How is Homeowner’s Insurance Handled?

The Master Insurance Policy is an “all-in” policy that covers the interior and exterior of the buildings (essentially anything that can’t fall out of the home if it were flipped upside down).  Owners must have an HO6 policy, which covers personal property, liability coverage and the Master Insurance policy deductible. Please consult with your insurance carrier for further explanations and information. 

What are the condo fees estimated to be? 

Condo fees are estimated to be between $450 and $500 per month.

What is included in the condo fee?

Landscaping, irrigation, snow removal, trash removal, septic maintenance, general insurance, capital improvements, exterior maintenance and the master insurance policy which will cover the interior and exterior structure of all homes.

Will the condo fees cover water and septic expenses?

Water will be metered separately by the Town of Westford.  The septic system maintenance and upkeep will be covered by the condo fee.

Are trash services included in the condo fees?

Curbside trash removal is covered in the condo fees.

Can children live at Balsam Circle?

School-age children are not allowed to live at Balsam Circle.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes, customary household pets (no livestock or exotic animals) may be kept at Balsam Circle. The homeowner’s association trustees will be empowered to mediate any pet related questions or concerns.

Can I fence my yard?

In order to create a sense of openness for all owners, fences will not be allowed.

Can I rent my home if I decide to move?

Yes, there are provisions in the Master Deed for renting your home. Temporary rentals, such as Airbnb are not allowed. 

Can I have my own garden at Balsam Circle?

In addition to the community garden there will be a designated area for private gardens at each home

The answers above are subject to change as the project evolves.  Be assured that whatever terms are included in your contract will be honored! Dec-2019